Our registry welcomes participation from motivated Intensive Care Units across the country. Our agenda and focus is on the continuous evaluation and improvement of outcomes from Critical Illness across ICUs. The registry currently has 7 ICUs with more than 1500 patients and is constantly expanding.


What you will get from the registry

  1. Continuous evaluation of the quality of critical care services provided with benchmarking to peer units
  2.  Access to aggregate data of the registry on a daily basis
  3.  Ability to propose and lead quality improvement/research projects using the registry as the platform

What the registry will get

IRIS represents a humble attempt to map Intensive care capacity across the country and provide a platform for evaluation and improvement of the quality of services provided by ICUs. We aspire to be as representative as we can possibly be- both in terms of urban/rural cover as well academic/private units. IRIS also hopes to be the first step in the process of developing a rich critical care research network in India. Your participation will help us achieve these goals.

Important Points

  1. Your data belongs to you
  2. Your data will be secure at all times
  3. No formal ethics approval is required for registries(reference cited below)
  4. Access to registry involves no cost; however commitment to data entry is required
  5. Time commitment per day: For a 10-12 bedded ICU, approximately 1hr per day

How to Join?

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